Mindef Singapore

The Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces enhance Singapore’s peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy, and should these fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor.

Mindef works with the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) to implement defence technology plans, acquire defence equipment and supplies, and develop defence infrastructure.

Defence Science and Technology and the SAF

Singapore is a small state that faces limitations in resources like land and manpower, as well as a lack of strategic depth. Singapore security environment is also unpredictable. Mindef face a breadth of security threats including terrorism, cyberattacks, resource contamination, biological and chemical attacks to both military and civilian targets. In order to overcome the challenges of operating in such an environment, the SAF leverages heavily on technology as a force multiplier.

Developing Defence Science and Technology

The Defence Technology Community (DTC) comprises several entities within MINDEF – Future Systems & Technology Directorate (FSTD), Technology Strategy & Policy Office (TSPO), Industry & Resources Policy Office (IRPO) and Defence Technology Collaboration Office (DTCO) – as well as Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and DSO National Laboratories. The DTC continually evolves to better exploit advancements in technology, respond to changing threats, and support the needs of the SAF.

  • DSTA is a statutory board set up under MINDEF. It implements defence technology plans, acquires defence material and develops defence infrastructure for MINDEF. DSTA provides leading-edge technological solutions to the SAF by tapping the best technologies and fostering an environment of creativity and innovation for defence applications. It also builds up a strong community of engineers and scientists from universities, research institutes, government and industry to serve the defence needs of the nation.
  • FSTD is responsible for master-planning and managing the research and technology requirements of MINDEF/SAF.
  • DSO is Singapore’s largest defence research and development organisation. It is charged with the critical mission of developing technological solutions to sharpen the cutting edge of Singapore’s national security.
  • TSPO develops technology policies, capability development roadmaps, and conducts long-term planning for the DTC. They are also in charge of working on the DTC ecosystem to optimise defence technology resources and capabilities for MINDEF/SAF.
  • IRPO is charged with overseeing the local defence industry, MINDEF land use, logistics, technology security, defence exports, and procurement.
  • DTCO is responsible for strategising and implementing policies and plans for defence technology-related engagements with local research institutions and international partners on behalf of the DTC.
  • Within the SAF, a group of Military Expert Engineers [see: Military Domain Experts Scheme (MDES)] complements the DTC with their deep expertise in their military domains, across various vocations such as Army Engineers, Naval Warfare System Engineers, Air Force Engineers, amongst others. They work together with Officers, Warrant Officers and Specialists to create an integrated fighting force.

Fidecs Engineering looks forward to more Mindef projects through partnerships with Vantage Construction, Planar One Associate and close collaboration with DSTA. Fidecs’s Mindef portfolio is a reflection of its professionalism and niche specialty in defence projects  eg the explosion proof ACMV systems. See Fidecs projects here.

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