FIDECS Engineering specialized in Design & Installation of Mechanical and Electrical engineering services, Project Management and Total Facilities Management.

We deliver mechanical & electrical turnkey solutions covering the entire project life cycle from design, installation, project management, testing & commissioning through to maintenance and even emergency repair across various industries. We are experienced in Local Green Mark Requirement.

Scope of Business

Air-condition Refrigeration System​
Mechanical-Ventilation System​
Electrical System​
Plumbing & Sanitary System
Explosion Proof Air Condition Refrigeration Equipment
Engineering Smoke Control System
Ductless Car Park Ventilation System​
Acoustic/ Hot & Cold Insulation​
Fire Prevention & Protection System

Our Capabilities

Non-Destructive Testing

Our capabilities include providing the followings services:

Emergency Leak Repair

Leak sealing service is a high-end service that is used to provide safe and controlled online leak repairs for any leaking process. This service utilizes a leak sealing clamp along with high pressure injection gun and the appropriate leak sealant to stop the leak. It is employed for stopping leaks in pipeline or fittings under high temperature or pressure. We can perform the leak sealing for all sizes, temperatures or pressures of most the pipeline or fittings (e.g. elbow, tee, union, coupling valve, flange, expansion joint), carrying various medium (e.g. air, steam, water and etc.)

Pipe Freezing Service

Pipe freezing is a method used to freeze the contents of a section of pipes by applying a cryogenic (i.e. very low temperature) freezing agent in a controlled manner. When the ice plugs are formed maturely, maintenance works to the pipe can be carried out between the ice plugs without draining massive amount of pipe fluid.

Hot Tapping Service

Hot tapping is a method of employing an under-pressure drilling machine to cut a hole in an operating pipeline or storage vessel which allows for a new branch connection from the existing pipe or vessel without any interruption to the flow.