ACM is a UKAS-accredited certification body helping businesses around the world perform to a higher standard. A friendly and experienced team of over 280 auditors worldwide, ACM helps companies find the perfect fit; someone who understands their business, their sector, and can make the journey to success as smooth as possible.

ACM Limited (known as ACM), delivers third party independent certification services nationally and international. ACM is an independent limited company which comes under the umbrella of the EMB Group of Companies. ACM client base includes public, private and third sector based organisations.

ACM is a leading UKAS-accredited certification body in the UK. With over 280 auditors internationally, they work with thousands of clients in more than 20 countries throughout their certification process up to their successful certification that will transform their business performance.

ACM understands their business on a personal level – whether its an SME or a multi-site corporation, they work with companies closely to make sure they are where they need to be to succeed. From identifying areas for improvement to areas of best practices, their experienced auditors provide reports with valuable outcomes to help companies form a plan of action.

Fidecs Engineering is a UKAS accredited company complying with ISO standards.

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